When it comes to modern living today, having a fully furnished kitchen in your house has become a necessity. In this article we will discuss custom kitchen cabinet budgets and the differences among the materials, installation processes, and the level of skill needed to install each type.

D.I.Y.& Personalized Kitchen Cabinet Costs

Some people try the”Do-It-Yourself” (D.I.Y.) method for kitchen cabinet installations and therefore buy ready-made boxes from D.I.Y. stores trying to install at home. Although this approach is indeed the most cost saving,  it can be a huge disaster if you aren’t prepared for the process.

If you are going to install the kitchen cabinets yourself anyway, here are some basic, yet necessary, tips you should take into consideration before you start the project:


  • Calculate the actual size of your kitchen area before buying the D.I.Y. kitchen cabinet sets.
  • Keep in mind that you need to spare extra space for your other kitchen furniture such as your refrigerator, dining table, and island.
  • Use floor planning software to demonstrate the actual size of the cabinet before starting the project.
  • Prepare all installation tools. Identify all tools you are only going to use for this project (tools you wouldn’t otherwise ever need). Figure out how much these tools will cost you and determine if it would be better to purchase the tools, rent them or borrow them from a friend or neighbor.Plan your project properly; if you don’t you create the potential to waste a lot of money and ruin the whole kitchen area (which in the end will cost you more to fix than it’s worth).

Employ a Professional Designer& Kitchen Cabinet Contractor

A better option for most people, in my opinion, is to contract the project to a kitchen cabinet contractor and simply supervise the project;this approach will save you a lot of hassle and may even save in total custom furniture cost for you.

One of the main reasons I suggest going with a contractor is because they have beautiful cabinet designs available to them that a D.I.Y. store cannot provide; further, their workers are well-trained. Every day they design custom kitchen cabinets along with other building related work. Furthermore, they have all the essential tools with them. So if you are not skilled enough to do it yourself, 90% of the time I advise you to look for a professional kitchen cabinet builder.

To design and build custom kitchen cabinets, you should request that the contractor provide a free evaluation demo of the design and ask for their custom kitchen cabinet rate. Get a few quotes to see what the average of the aftermarket kitchen cabinet cost in your area. Home owners always hope to get the best deal on the market and tend to go with the lowest offer, but here is my honest advice: QUALITY NEVER COMES CHEAP! So if you try to find the cheapest deal on the planet, then prepare yourself for regret in the near future.

Kitchen cabinet builders are not like trading companies that sell just furniture; they have to charge you for labor, total time spent on the project and also the material you’ve chosen. Therefore the cost will be different based on your requirements.


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