How to make the perfect counter-tops for your kitchen:

If you love to cook and enjoy being the chef for your family, you should consider to design as much counter space as your kitchen space allows. A well planned kitchen design with more counter space will make your kitchen look better as well as providing more working space when you cooking. It provide you with more spaces for hot pots, pans and dishes.

If you would like to get your children engage with your cooking session, you should consider Integrating two different height counter-tops, one for cooking and another for your kids to get engaged with dinner preparation.

The benefit of ceiling height kitchen cabinet:

Building your kitchen cabinet up to the ceiling will give you more storage and avoid collecting oils and dusts. (compare to a short cabinet)

It is the smarter living concept when you can fully utilize the spaces on the wall and up to the ceiling.  Ceiling-high kitchen cabinets can save your other storage space around the house and avoid your kitchen overflow.

It is also easier to clean up and maintain, it can be a nightmare when you need to cleaning every corner of the cabinet top and edges. A ceiling high design cabinet is highly recommended by top designers.

How to use kitchen cabinetry to cover up electrical appliances:

Modern home kitchen is normally equipped with different kind of electrical appliances, if you do not like to let these equipment to surface in the kitchen cabinet design, you can consider to concealed them with a sliding door or a flipping door. Your kitchen will look cleaner, modern and give more protection to your appliances.

Furthermore, you can keep out of your children reach to these electrical tools.

Ventilation is vital for your kitchen:

The appearance of your kitchen is not the only consideration for building a good kitchen cabinet. Good ventilation is also very important to keep your kitchen always feel fresh and airy, so make sure to choose a kitchen cabinet design that do not block the air flow of the space and select a quality range hood that fits your kitchen’s dimension and requirement.

Consult with a kitchen cabinet designer before you make a move:

A house will not look perfect without a good kitchen cabinet design, because your kitchen is the Core Center of your house and the heart of your home. it is important to design it to fit for you family and your lifestyle.

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