In case your kitchen area is compact, the single line kitchen design and style will be a better choice for you, in which appliances & units are usually organized around a single wall is usually a more proficient kitchen design layout. It’s just as handy in a multipurpose cooking area, because appliances & units is often nicely included within the space, making the the greater part of the space free for dining and other purpose.

Smartly organized a single line kitchen area could work along with a minute ship’s gallery. The crucial designing factor is to enabling just as much working space as you can, you need to select the correct appliances and getting a manageable method for storage.


Planning the structure

The size of the room is an important aspect to consider. You will need minimum 1200mm space width so that a person can easily move around easily and also open up doors. Begin the plan with the kitchen sink, where it is the most center position of the design, the the fridge & cooker can put at both end. Generally there should be ideally to have worktop space in between appliances & sink. In case this is not possible due to the limited space, then you can position the draining side of the kitchen sink alongside with the cooker, in order that you have place to put down pans and choose an appliances that can fit under it. In the event you have a dishwasher, put it below the sink, so you can save the plumbing costs and have a quicker workflow to get items from the sink to the machine.

If the cabinet doors panel can not be fully open or knocking into one another, you can merge it in the overall design plan by modifying some doors to the sliding open design, and be certain that the wall cabinets doors are reachable for the home members.

Choosing The Right Kitchen Appliances

In many of the single line kitchen structure, there isn’t have much space for the kitchen appliances, therefore look around for the one that will fit nicely within the limited space. You can start with your kitchen sink, you can find lots of sizes and shapes and there are range of accessories built to take full advantage of the space. Try to find drainer baskets & chopping boards that suit the kitchen sink. You can choose an inset unit where the drainer is an essential part in the unit and select a colour that match ups your kitchen.

The newest slide in cookers are generally better compared to the traditional model and it is made to match up models at worktop level. A slide in model is less expensive and also save more space then the split level oven.

List out your cooking activity and feature your most rapid workflow to help plan the suitable location for each of the appliances, you can use a kitchen area design tool to design your single line kitchen.

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