No matter if you’re remodeling or starting from scratch, one very important thing is to find the best matching colors for your kitchen cabinets. If you are planning to design a modern kitchen, you may consider incorporating vivid color combinations such as red, orange or even purple, but if you are looking for a classic kitchen space, then a natural wood color may be a better choice for you. In this article you will discover many colors that will fit various designing concept and styles.


The Trends & Popular Kitchen Colors

Years ago, you might have only wanted a basic wooden cabinet painted with high gloss finish, but for modern designs, more and more home owners demand an eye catching color design for their new kitchen. Modern kitchen cabinet materials may not require painting on the surface as the new way of doing it is applying a shiny layer of Formica on top of the wooden cabinet surface.Therefore the color combinations become infinite and the cabinet builder can always demonstrate color combinations and styles with a sample or even illustrate it by using  kitchen cabinet design software.

Tips: Different Feeling by colors

Here are some of the colors design ideas that will create different feeling for your kitchen:

  • Cold colors like purple, green & light blue may very well look nice for a kitchen. They can be chosen to help create a relaxing & peaceful impression.
  • Strong, hot, bold colors may be too much to handle for a smaller space.
  • Light natural colors, for example gray & white, are usually considered classic colors, and it can make your kitchen area feel both wide open and breezy.
  • Some light tones such as light blues, soft yellows, pinks and also vegetables greens may perform very well too, and they are fantastic picks for leisure-designed homes.

If you would like to see some examples of colors combinations and kitchen styles, please check our  design showcase.

Natural Wooden Colors and Styles That Will Fit Your Home Design

If your overall home design plan is centered around a classic theme, then you may want to select natural wood colors to match your home design. Now there are a lot of natural timber materials available while you are preparing to freshly paint your new cabinets.You can pick from a wide selection of wood paints. But before you proceed, you may want to try painting a few wooden boards in a variety of colors and place them in your kitchen so you can see exactly what the colors looks like under your kitchen lighting and also with the indirect sunlight that’ll be lighting the area. Keep in mind: paint may look different from the sample shown in the retail store when it is applied in your kitchen. Therefore,you will have to ensure you know what to expect before you decide on it. Always discuss with your experience Kitchen Cabinet Builder, as they will properly advise you,ensuringthat you find the best colors for your kitchen.


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