The need for storage space is a basic requirement of any household. While earlier it was thought of as a luxury of nobles to have an accommodation solely for their apparel, today, every house devotes space for storing clothes, thanks to the presence of wardrobes.

The modern wardrobe evolved from being just a wall space in a room to a separate enclosure provided with shelves, hanging spaces, drawers and doors.  There is a wide range of wardrobes to choose from. The wardrobes come in many different sizes, various styles and designs. Clothing being a part of our personality, choice of wardrobe does not just stop at aiming for the practical. It goes beyond that, with preferences for style and design making wardrobes a featured piece of furniture.

Wardrobes are selected mainly on the basis of size. With style quotient thrown in for good measure, wardrobes come in fitted with cloth rails, shelves and drawers and also with several door options. For people with space constraints, collapsible wardrobes will be a perfect storage solution.

Wardrobes are used to furnish not houses alone but are in great demand in hotels and inns. You can go in for wardrobes like Stand-alone or Sliding Door wardrobes. You can choose between single unit and multiple unit wardrobes too. Modern day wardrobes come in every possible style and design to suit every requirement. You can give a place for every item of your apparel and arrange them in whatever way that best suits your needs. Blouses and shirts can go into shelves, scarves and ties can be neatly arranged in drawers and hangers can be used to organize skirts and trousers.

There can be a separate section for the clothes of the man and woman. While the men’s sections can have more space for hangers, the women’s section can come with more shelves and smaller compartments. The wardrobes can be made to order to match the other room furniture to give your room a coordinated look. The door colours can be matched with the rest of the room furniture too.

The more particular ones can create their own wardrobes. If space is plenty, you can spurge on multiple door wardrobes and opt for sliding doors or ones with hinges. You can join individual frames and fit them to the size to suit your space and then plan on ways of organizing the inside of the wardrobe. You can have a big range of shelves, drawers, cloth rails.

Another important area in choosing a wardrobe is the material used. The interior and exterior of a wardrobe can be made up of materials like White Melamine, MDF, timber veneer, laminate melamine boards that are coloured and polyurethane that is in stain, full or semi- gloss. While exteriors of wardrobes are mostly done in solid timber and mirror glass which is a popular choice in any wardrobe is fixed to the exterior. You can make your choice of material in accordance with the cost and the various features of each type of material.



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