A custom island can be constructed into virtually any design and style that you could ever imagine. The island can be merged with your present kitchen or even added to your dining area. They are many types of designs: Classic, Modern, and Luxury designs being the most common.Designs can be built around a fixed, movable (with wheels), or simply a free standing unit.

Having a kitchen island can help make cooking so much quicker. It can also be used for laying out things and freeing up some storage space.

Ideas for Designing an Awesome Kitchen Island

A kitchen island designed with a good combination of color and style will surely improve the overall home design attractiveness of the space for cooking and preparing food.  Your kitchen is usually devoted to fairly practical routines; however you can brighten this area up by simply presenting contrasting colors, styles and new finishing.  It will give your room a whole new look. Even adding a collection of storage containers for your primary colors will create an enjoyable environment. A kitchen island design could be elegant, fancy or as simple as you would like them to be. This all depends on the material and colors you choose, as well as the free space available after adding the kitchen island.

For best result you can request your nearby kitchen cabinet designer to help you when deciding on the various designs & style combination. To better planning your kitchen space, just checkout this free software: Kent Kitchen Preferred free online home design software.

Spacing for your custom made kitchen islands

When looking for consultation for kitchen island designs, generally the designers will advise you that the kitchen island will require a certain amount of walking space, and therefore you cannot build a giant kitchen island if the space does not accommodate.  Not all cooking areas have adequate space for building a tailor made island, so you may not want to have the island cover the entire available space; ideal walking space around the island is a minimum of 3ft.When space or room has limitations, then you should not consider building a fixed island. As an alternative, you can use the movable type of island table.

One benefit of adding a kitchen island placed at the middle of your kitchen is to free up the space for the other parts of the existing cabinet. A kitchen island might be set up with a kitchen sink, cook top, drawers, racks & cabinets. But you do not need a kitchen island to be equipped with all availablehardware and functionality;a stovetop for example, may very well not be the best choice simply because a ventilation blower fan may not really be efficient.

The D.I.Y.Kitchen Island

If you enjoy the fun of a do-it-yourself project, you will have to plan the whole project properly, locate resources for the overall planning, including skills, tools and knowing where to locate all required material.


You can also get some tips and watch video from the DIY network -Kitchen remodeling


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