Proper planning are important expect for constructing a small or restricted kitchen. Getting with sufficient storage & working space could be a total creativity experiment. Although most time saver home appliances are important, but they are normally fixed in sizes so you can’t squeezing another centimeters out for other purpose.

So planning become the most important part of the project! Begin with your personal priorities. Normally, how do you make use of the kitchen? For preparing the main course meals? Or just for the convenient to prepare simple fast food?   Is entertaining a priority for you and your family?

Subsequently, make a list of the home appliances & cooking tools you have owned and others which you wanted to buy. And then examine the space readily available in your kitchen. Beginning with the door, you can use a sliding door to help save essential space. Are you able to take away part of the wall so that your kitchen opens on to the dining-room?

Most probably the vast majority of kitchen design catalogs will make you dreaming but only provide minor usability, those equipment is just too large for the small kitchen. Get some idea from caravan magazines and write down some sales offer. You’re going to be amazed at the space saving suggestions highlighted by them.

You should make sure everything in your kitchen should have a purpose. There’s no room for frippery. However it doesn’t mean that it has to be a tedious room. Excellent design & advanced planning could make the little kitchen an enjoyable and engaging place for you and your family.


Design Tips for a small-scale:

  • Try to get nice and clean, open lines within you little kitchen in order to have an impression of more significant space. Simple & efficient are fantastic descriptions to bear in mind.
  • Dark colour finishes are excellent in a large kitchen but could easily overcome a tiny space, so try use light & bright colour. Likewise, furnish the walls to blend with the worktops. The space will look much larger because of this.
  • Make use of lighting effects to improve the sensation of space.

Storage and appliances:

To filled all the kitchen equipment into a tiny kitchen is a great challenge. Here are some tips for you:

  • Kitchen appliances & A kitchen sink with useful dimensions is very important
  • For quick meals preparation, you may want to have a microwave, some microwave with advance technology may have multi-function to cover both a microwave and a normal convector oven, or even to replace a cooker hob.
  • Choosing kitchen cabinet with pullout racks can save more storage space.
  • Extra open shelves kitchen cabinet mounted on wall can increase storage space.
  • Use containers to store spice and hang the container on a wall rack or in a pullout drawer.
  • More storage idea here.

Refer to single line kitchen design for more design ideas for a smaller kitchen.



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